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Thesis Proposal

National Cheng Kung University Institute of Physical Education, Health and Leisure Studies

Master Degree Thesis Proposal Regulation

  1. According to the “Institute of Physical Education, Health and Leisure Studies,” students are required to pass a thesis proposal before the final defense and only can submit a final defense application after at next semester of thesis proposal.
  2. Students must first obtain the consent of their advisor and then submit the application form of the proposal to the PEHL office. The "Master's Thesis Proposal Review Application Form", should be signed by your advisor and submitted to the PEHL office three weeks before the thesis proposal.
  3. Students should upload the result of Turnitin to the Thesis Completion Verification Statement and Originality Report Upload System.
  4. Student’s thesis proposal should include at least two review committee members and the advisor must be one of the review committee members.
  5. Students should register the proposal room yourself.
  6. If the date of the review changes, please inform the PEHL office.
  7. The master's thesis proposal review results are divided into:
    Pass: After next semester from the date, you can submit a master degree final oral test.
    Passed after the revision: After the revision, your advisor will sign the “Thesis revision pass form” to confirm the date of adoption. After next semester of the date of the adoption, Student can apply for the master degree final oral test.
    Failure: Re-submit the thesis proposal.