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Graduation Requirements

National Cheng Kung University Institute of Physical Education, Health and Leisure Studies Rules & Regulation for Master Programs

1. In order to stipulate the course requirement of graduate students of Institute of Physical Education, Health and Leisure Studies (PEHL), associated rules and regulations for master programs were set up.

2. According to the 12th regulation of NCKU Master Program, students must complete the course within 2 years with extension for 2 years. The scholarship must be fulfilled within 4 years.

3. The Master program requires each student to fulfill a minimum of thirty credits consisting; of the ten credits required include three credits of methodology, three credits of statics (credits taken at other department must be approved by the advisor) and four credits of seminar discussion.

4. Students must choose one advisor (Professors from PEHL only) before registration of the second semester. If one applied for coadvisor from other department, this application should be approved by the leader of the department and the advisor.

5. Graduate students are required to turn in research proposal before thesis examination of master degree. Proposal due must no later than one semester before graduation. Advisor would decide the mode of examination of thesis. When the proposal is acknowledged, students could apply for examination of master degree. Application for proposal must before December and approved before January.

6. Graduate students are required to complete courses credits listed by graduation credits rules of PEHL before graduate.

7. Graduate students must publish more than one article on journals of Physics Education of National Science Council and other journals classified as second grade or above; or giving an oral report in seminars held by National Society of Physical of the Republic of China or Chinese Taipei Sports Federation, or international seminars held by other academic institutions.

8. These regulations are demonstrated after councils of PEHL, any modification will be in the same procedure.