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(1) Visiting Main Campus:
(a) Driving Directions
From the North-
1. Take National Freeway No.1 (Sun Yat-Sen Freeway) southbound.
2. Get off at Exit 319 (Yongkang Interchange) and turn right to southbound Chungcheng N. Road.
3. Travel down on Chungcheng N. Road and Chungcheng S. Road, and make a left turn at Chunghwa Road.
4. Drive down Chunghwa Road and Chunghwa East Road.
5. Turn right at Shiaodong Road and travel along it for a few blocks further, about 1.2 km, to reach NCKU.
(If you drive on National Freeway No.3 Southbound, at Exit 346 (Shinhua System), take National Freeway No.8 Westbound (Exit 6, Tainan System Interchange) to get on National Freeway No.1 Southbound to Exit 319)
From the South-
1. Take National Freeway No.1 (Sun Yat-Sen Freeway) northbound.
2. Get off at Exit 327 (Tainan Interchange) and turn left to westbound Chungshang Road.
3. Travel on Chungshang Road and continue on Dongmen Road.
4. Make a right turn at either Chang Rung Road or Sheng-Li Road, and travel for about 1.1 km to NCKU.
(If you take National Freeway No.3 Northbound, at Exit 357 (Guanmiao Interchange), take No.86 Expressway westbound (Exit 8, Rende System Interchange) to get on National Freeway No.1 northbound to Exit 327)
(b) Public Transportation
By Train –
1. Take TRA Train to Tainan Station.
2. NCKU is located on Ta-Shueh (University) Road about 100m from the rear entrance of Tainan Station.
By THSR (Taiwan High Speed Rail) –
1. Take Taiwan High Speed Rail to Tainan Station
2. Take the free shuttle bus, which takes about 40 mins to NCKU, and get off at the bus stop of Tzu-Chiang Campus or Shiaodong Road to visit Cheng-Kung Campus, Kuang-Fu Campus and Chien-Kuo Campus.
For more information on the shuttle to / from THSR Station: http://www.thsrc.com.tw/en/travel/transfer_info.asp.
From Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH)
1. Take Kaohsiung MRT from the Airport Station (R4) to Kaohsiung Main Station (R11) for TRA Train or Zuoying HSR Station (R16).
2. (a) Take the THSR Train from Zuoying to Tainan Station, and the traveling time is about 15 minutes, or
(b) Take TRA from Kaohsiung Main Station to Tainan TRA Station, which usually takes about 35 minutes on express trains.
From Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE)
1. Take a taxi or shuttle bus from the airport to THSR Taoyuan Station, which takes about 20 minutes.
2. Take the THSR train from Taoyuan Station to Tainan Station.
(2) Visiting Kuei-Jen Campus (Test Plants of Aviation Technology, National Scale Building Material Experiment Groups, Telemetry Tracking & Command Site)
Kuei-Jen Campus is about 300m north of the Ta-Tan Interchange, namely Exit 11, of Expressway No. 86. Ta-Tan Interchange is also the interchange for THSR Tainan Station.
(a) Driving Directions
1. Take National No.1 Highway (Sun Yat-Sen Freeway) or National No. 3 Highway (Formosa Highway).
2. Exit at Rende System Interchange (Exit 330) onto No.86 Expressway EAST from National Highway No. 1, or onto No. 86. Expressway West from National Highway No. 3 (at Guanmiao Interchange, Exit 357).
3. Get off at Ta-Tan Interchange (Exit 11).
4. Head north to Kueijen Downtown to reach NCKU.
(3) Visiting An-Nan Campus (Research & Service Headquarter, Hydraulic Laboratory)
The address of An-Nan Campus is No. 500, Sec. 3, An-Ming Rd. Tainan City, and car or taxi is probably the best way to reach it. Be aware that An-Ming Road is also numbered as Provincial Road 17.
1. Take National No.1 Highway (Sun Yat-Sen Freeway) and exit at Tainan System Interchange (Exit 315) onto National Freeway No. 8 westbound, or
2. Take National Highway No. 3 and exit at Shinhua System Interchange (Exit 346) onto National Freeway No. 8 westbound.
3. Keep driving on National Freeway No. 8 until Tainan-End (Exit 0) and reach the Service Road connecting Highway No. 8 and Provincial Road No. 17.
4. Drive on the service road for about 5.9 km to reach the intersection at An-Ming Road (No. 17).
5. Drive southbound on An-Ming Road for about 3.6 km, and the NCKU An-Nan Campus is on your left-hand side.
(4) Visiting Dou-Liou Campus (NCKU Hospital Dou-Liou Branch)
(a) By car,
1. If you travel on National No. 1 Freeway, take No. 78 Expressway East at Exit 243, Yunlin System Interchange. If you are on National Freeway No. 3, take No. 78 Expressway West at Exit 269, Gukeng System Interchange.
2. Leave the Expressway 78 at Exit 39, Gukeng Interchange, and head north on Provincial No. 3 Road (Chungshang Road).
3. Turn right to Sec. 2, University Road (Ta-Shueh Road) and head east for about 400 m.
4. Turn Left at Cheng-Nan Road north and move for about 500 m until reaching Leader Street.
5. Drive to the forward on Leader Street for 200m until Chuangching Road.
6. Turn right on Chuangching Road and keep going for about 400m to reach NCKU Dou-Liou Campus.
(b) By TRA train: Get off at Dou-Liou Train Station and take the free shuttle provided by NCKU Hospital Dou-Liou Branch. The shuttle schedule runs hourly from 08:00 to12:00and from 13:20 to 17:30.